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Alexandra Zak is a photographer based in Atlanta and co-owns Studio A located in Alpharetta, GA.


While growing up, photography and developing created such zeal her parents placed a limit on film rolls per week. There was something about capturing a person, a place, a favorite animal at that specific moment taught her the value of time and the moments we can never recover.

Alexandra Zak modeled as a teen thru her early twenties for local agencies in the Atlanta market. She met many photographers along the way. After college, Alexandra continued to work, travel, and take photographs. Time passed and she re-connected with one of her favorite photographers she met years ago. Beginning her re-education and exploration of the art  of studio lighting, digital, and model photography with his mentorship.


Years later, Alexandra focuses on portraits with an editorial and fashion photography finishes. Her photo philosophy embraces client satisfaction seeking strength, beauty and happiness whether personal, family, or product. Photographer Alexandra Zak's enthusiasm for the art of photography grows every shoot. She loves hearing her client's stories, the growth, and to understand why the particular photo session is so very important to them. 

As a female photographer, Alexandra loves to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for her clients for boudoir and modeling portfolio shoots. From her experience as a model, shares with her clients how to pose and give tips to aspiring and established models. Alexandra offers with the models on what to expect and what not to accept on every shoot. 

Today, Alexandra has been published in over 60 fashion and editorial magazines and her studio is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.


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